1973 Dodge Charger For Sale Craigslist

1973 Dodge Charger For Sale Craigslist by Owner

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1973 Dodge Charger For Sale Craigslist, foodtruckcost.com | Are you searching for a 1973 Dodge Charger for sale? This original car is in good condition, and it will be a great addition to any collection.

You may be wondering how much a Charger like this would be worth. This 1973 Dodge Charger is a beautiful and unique classic. It’s a classic muscle car, and it was the final year that Mopar produced its iconic muscle cars.

In the early 1970s, the Charger was one of the most powerful vehicles produced by Dodge. The car had a V8 engine that produced 480 horsepower and 520 lb-ft of torque.

It was a family car, and was one of the last to hit the road. In addition to being a rare find, the car was produced until its demise by federal emissions controls.

1973 Dodge Charger For Sale Craigslist

1973 Dodge Charger For Sale Craigslist

  • 1973 Dodge Charger SE 440 727$8,500 (Portland,or)



This third-generation Dodge Charger was sold for around $5,000 on Craigslist in Bossier City, Louisiana in February 2021.

The third generation of Chargers was produced from 1971 to 1974. It was known as the Rallye until 1973. It was the third generation of the Dodge Charger.

The car was made for five years in total, before it was replaced by the new car. It is a rare find, and the owner is asking $5,500 for it.

’73 Dodge Charger in car chase

It was purchased new in Las Vegas, Nv. and is still in pristine condition. It also needs a little TLC, but the price is very reasonable.

The seller of this 1973 Dodge Charger for sale has a reasonable asking price of $5,000. The car has been in the same family since 1983, so its owner has been keeping it in pristine condition for nearly 20 years.

The engine is a 400-cid, two-barrel and has been sitting in the same spot since it was new. The interior is complete and in a decent state, although it needs reupholstering.

1973 Dodge Charger For Sale Craigslist

The 1973 Dodge Charger was a mid-range model in the Dodge lineup. It had a great muscle-car look, but it also had a modern MOPAR muscle drivetrain. It was the third generation of the famous Charger, and had a price of just $5,500.

The car was originally purchased new in Las Vegas, Nv., and it was in a family of four. The engine was dynoed at 480 horsepower and 520 lbs of torque.

The 1973 Dodge Charger was a mid-range car. It was built in the US from 1970 to 1974. The third generation was a hybrid between the old and new generation, and the car was a popular muscle car of its day. In fact, it was even considered the “ultimate” model.

Test Drive 1973 Dodge Charger SE SOLD $18,900 Maple Motors

The second generation of the Charger had a V8 engine. However, today, it’s rare to find a fully restored Charger for sale on Craigslist for this price.

The 1973 Dodge Charger is a classic American muscle car. It was a perfect mid-range car for many people.

The vehicle was manufactured in the early 1970s and has a few parts that have been updated. You’ll be able to find a rust-free body and a new interior. It’s also available on Craigslist in Los Angeles. You can also check out a classic car from the 70’s.

1967 Dodge Charger For Sale on Craigslist $36,790 – $37,500

This car was a third generation Dodge Charger, and it’s still worth your time to check out this classic. It’s a true American muscle car.

If you’re interested in buying a 1973 Charger for sale on Craigslist, it’s probably the best option for you. It’s a great example of the era’s classic muscle car. It’s a great opportunity to own a great American classic.

The rust on this 1973 Dodge Charger can be a problem, but it doesn’t need to be a major concern. The car is located in Los Angeles, and it was bought new in Las Vegas.

Despite its rust, it’s still in good shape. The seller has not posted any pictures of the chassis, so it’s difficult to tell if this is a good choice or not.

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