Bradley GT For Sale

Bradley GT For Sale 1968 – 1984 Price $2,999 – $20,995

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Bradley GT For Sale, | If you’re looking for a cool car to own but aren’t sure which one to go for, consider a Bradley GT for sale.

Bradley GT For Sale

This fun vehicle was built between 1970 and 1981 and sold for $9350 at Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas and $7700 in Scottsdale.

A 1968 APAL Horizon GT sold for $34,800 on BaT fifteen months ago. Volkswagen kit cars tend to fetch high prices, but the Meyers Manx is the top dog. A 1963 and 1970 Meyers Manx each sold for more than $64,350 at Monterey in 2017.

Bradley GT For Sale 1968 – 1979

Bradley GT For Sale

  • 1968 Bradley GT Price: $4,795
  • 1968 Bradley GT Price: $5,995
  • 1970 Bradley GT-2 Price: $20,995
  • 1971 Bradley Gt Ii Price: $2,999
  • 1973 Bradley GT Price: $4,400
  • 1974 Bradley GT Price: $6,494
  • 1974 Bradley GT Price: $7,000
  • 1976 Bradley GT Price: $5,995
  • 1979 Bradley GT II Price: $9,950

The first Bradley GT for sale was sold to Keith Martin. It was bought just in time to attend Monterey Car Week and was sold to magazine subscribers.

The car has a maroon paint job, gullwing doors, nerf bar bumpers, and Hurst shifter. It has a fiberglass body mounted on a Volkswagen Beetle pan.

The engine is a 1600cc flat four and a 4-speed manual transmission. The chassis is made of steel. The brakes are disc brakes. The rear suspension features torsion bars.

Bradley GT For Sale

The original owner Keith Martin purchased a 1969 Bradley GT to attend the 2017 Monterey Car Week. He invited magazine subscribers to take the car for a drive.

It is finished in maroon, has a gullwing door, nerf bar bumpers, and a Hurst shifter. The engine is a 1600cc flat four with a 4-speed manual transmission. The rear suspension features torsion bars and independent front axles.

GT Kit Car – Auctioning the Rare at Barrett-Jackson | DriveTribe

A 69 Bradley GT for sale needs some restoration. It’s a project car, with the original single port engine and classic rims and tires.

It’s also missing the t-tops, but it’s a great parts car if you’re a nerd. The price is right around $3,000. It has been converted from gasoline to electric and has a repainted interior.

The model GT II left the Plymouth, Minnesota factory a few days before the company filed for bankruptcy, and it was sold for only $2,500.

Bradley GT For Sale

Those who bought it should understand that the GT was a model of consumer fraud. However, despite the car’s popularity, its production was limited to 50 units.

There are many other models available. It’s hard to find one for sale today, so you’ll have to look hard to find one.

A 69-year-old Bradley GT for sale needs a complete restoration. While it’s still in need of repairs, it’s running well and has a solid chassis and floor.

Bradley GT For Sale 1980 – 1984

  • 1980 Bradley Kit Car GT Price: $9,500
  • 1983 Bradley gt on 70 vw pan Price: $3,200
  • 1983 Bradley GT Price: $9,995
  • 1984 Bradley GT Price: $3,300

The exterior looks good with the doors off, but a small crack in a fiberglass part needs to be repaired. The front of the car’s doors and wings are not included in the price. The t-tops, however, can be purchased separately for a reasonable price.

A 1970s Bradley GT II is a complete kit vehicle. Its gull-wing doors are rare and can be hard to find today. A genuine 70s Bradley GT is priced at just over $3,000.

It’s a great opportunity to own a classic model and enjoy the benefits of modern electric vehicles. A low-cost model may be perfect for your budget. A modified version will also help you save money in the long run.

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This 69 Bradley GT is in need of a restoration. It runs smoothly and has a good chassis and floor. The exterior is in very good condition, although a crack in the fiberglass part of the front windshield has cracked the glass.

It looks great with the doors removed. You can store the wings in the trunk, but you will need to make repairs. If you’re looking for a classic car, a refurbished one is the perfect opportunity.

The engine is a ’69. The engine was a single-port car with a manual transmission. A new engine was added for 1971. Its single-port design was similar to a Shelby American.

1973 GTO For Sale by Owner

1973 GTO For Sale by Owner

A modified GT could be a fun addition to any collection. This model can be converted to electric. A ’70s model would be more practical if you’re looking for a vintage vehicle.

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