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How to Find a Chevy Big Block For Sale on Craigslist, | You can search for Chevy Big Block For Sale Craigslist using a search engine. You can search for various keywords, and the results will be displayed based on your interests.

Here are some tips to find matches: Check the title, description, and spelling to make sure that the information provided is accurate.

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Chevy Big Block For Sale Craigslist Impala

Chevy Big Block For Sale Craigslist

  • 1965 CHEVY IMPALA ORIGINAL 396 BIG BLOCK$29,995 (Lake Forest)

Whether you’re interested in the classic look of a ’67 C4 or a later-model 4×4, you can find a good deal by searching for one on Craigslist.

You can find one that is complete and documented. Many cars have a ’65-’68 Chevy engine. You can also find a ’70-’75 Camaro in a big block.

Big Block Chevy Size

Chevy Big Block For Sale Craigslist

The big block, which debuted in 1958 at 348 cu in (5.7 L), was built in standard displacements up to 494 cu in (8.1 L), with aftermarket crate engines sold by Chevrolet exceeding 500 cu in (8.2 L).
Displacement: 348 cu in (5.7 L); 366 cu in (6.0 …
Block material: Cast iron
Fuel system: Carburetor; Fuel injection

The engine is in decent shape and could be a great restoration project. The seller claims to have rebuilt the fuel tank and sending unit.

The Quadrajet carburetor is in good condition and has been tuned. The seller says the brakes are fresh and the water pump has been replaced. Those are all good reasons to buy a ’70s Corvette. If you’re looking for a bargain, this one may be the right fit.

Chevy Big Block For Sale Craigslist – Pickup

Chevy Big Block For Sale Craigslist

  • Chevy pickup 454 big block 55,000 miles – $1,500 (Lucerne Valley)
  • Chevy 4×4 square body 1978 pickup big block – $2,000 (Lucerne Valley)

GM did not install a big block in a 4×4 until 1981. They weren’t an ideal choice because they were too heavy for the Dana 44 transmission.

The only automatic transmission was the Turbo 350. The clearance issues were probably a problem. Then, GM did not use 460 engines in their 4×4 vehicles until the 1980’s. You should consider buying a ’69 or ’72 Chevy big block for sale ad.

Chevy Big Block For Sale Craigslist – big-block engine

Chevy Big Block For Sale Craigslist

  • 462ci Big Block Chevy – $3,500 (Rosamond)
  • 1973 BBC Big Block Chevy 454 engine – $1,000 (Long Beach)
  • 396 Chevy big block Engine chevelle el camino camaro – $3,800 (Mission Hills)
  • BLUE PRINT 488 CID BIG BLOCK CHEVY – $4,000 (bakersfield)
  • Chevy Big Block Intake Manifold – $1,200 (BAKERSFIELD)
  • Chevy Big block 396. + 4 speed – $3,200 (Upland)
  • 496/8.1 CHEVY BIG BLOCK – $3,899 (EL CAJON CA)
  • 671 Weiand big block chevy blower – $2,500 (7th standard and n chester)

The ’70s are the most popular model for these classic muscle cars. A big block is a great way to upgrade a classic car. The V8 is the heart of your muscle car.

A car with a big block is not a toy – it’s a race machine. So, if you’re looking for a Chevy big-block for sale, look no further than Craigslist.

While it is hard to find a big block truck for sale on Craigslist, you can find a big block pickup in your local classified ads.

A ’69 Cheyenne with a 402 engine is one of the most desirable big-block trucks on the market today. If you’re looking for a ’70, you’ll be pleased to know that the ’70 is an extremely reliable and affordable engine for a ’71-era Corvette.

409 Chevy Engine Craigslist

While big blocks aren’t the most desirable choice for a classic car, a 1970 Corvette with a big block will likely turn heads and be the envy of the car club.

A winters-Yenko engine from a ’69 Chevy is a hot commodity on eBay. It’s a great candidate for restoration and can fetch up to $50k. If you’re into muscle cars, it’s possible to find a ’68 ZL1 big block for sale on Craigslist.

A ’70s Chevy big block for sale on Craigslist is the ideal option for enthusiasts of vintage American automobiles.

You can also find a ’70s Corvette on Craigslist, and the car is in a good condition for a ’67. It has a ’70s style GM big block with an ’80s body. You can find it on eBay for about $50k.

There are a few things to look for in a ’70s Chevy big block for sale on Craigslist. First of all, this is a good candidate for restoration.

It is a solid candidate for a rebuild, and the seller has claimed that the brakes are fresh. The ’70s engine has a ’60s V8. You can find a ’70s Chevrolet block for sale on eBay for about $50.

You can also join a Duramax diesel forum for a ’69 Camaro. You can also find discussion forums for your specific car’s maintenance and troubleshooting needs.

You can also join a ’70s Camaro forum to talk about modifications and other topics related to your ’69. Then, you can join the ’69 Duramax Diesel’ section and start a conversation about the diesel engine’s performance.

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