Chrysler Conquest For Sale

Chrysler Conquest For Sale Craigslist

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A 1987 Chrysler Conquest is For Sale, | A 1987 Chrysler Conquest is for sale. This car is the TSi model and shows just under 88k indicated miles.

Chrysler Conquest For Sale

It was built by Mitsubishi as a performance variant of the Starion coupe. The car is powered by a 2.6L turbocharged engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.

This vehicle has had only two previous owners. The last owner was an uncle who drove it sparingly for nine years.

It comes with the original sales literature and is in good condition. It comes with two spare wheels and a clean Carfax report. The title is clear and the vehicle has a Michigan registration.

Chrysler Conquest For Sale Craigslist

Chrysler Conquest For Sale


The interior is in fairly good condition for an eight-year-old vehicle. The car has a factory air filter and a Magna MPI intake.

The car was re-sold with a Magna MPI. The seller has a clean Georgia title and has not had any accidents or damage.

The vehicle is missing the original radio, HVAC controls, and the factory wheel. The vehicle was previously owned by the seller’s uncle, so it has a lot of potential.

Chrysler Conquest For Sale

The interior of this ’93 Conquest is fairly stock and the seller says his uncle owned the car. It has an optional Magna MPI intake, but he did not mention the manufacturer.

The car has no other modifications and no accidents. The car is equipped with power windows, mirrors, locks, and cruise control.

The interior is in rough condition, with seats torn and the dash with some broken sections. It also has a cracked door sill, which is shown in the gallery. The vehicle is in good condition, but the seller would like to replace the tires due to age and wear.

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Besides being in good condition, this Conquest also has a Magna MPI intake. It was previously setup with a standalone ECU and was not a factory replacement.

The car was in rough shape and has an exhaust that was removed from it. Despite being in such rough condition, it has an original Magna MPI and an original radio. Buying a Conquest for sale means paying the lowest possible price.

Fortunately, the interior of this Conquest is in good condition. The vehicle has a Magna MPI intake and is set up for standalone or MPI.

Although the car had been kept in a garage, the vehicle was not used much. The car is still missing the original Magna MPI exhaust.

It is in fair condition overall. It also has its factory radio and HVAC controls. The exterior looks pretty stock, but it has been hit and run for three years.

The seller told me that the car had been owned by his uncle for about a year. The owner told me that he had a BFGoodrich tire installed on the car, but it was also missing a factory radio.

This was a very good deal for a resale car. If you’re looking for a bargain, this is a great buy. It has all of the options that make it a desirable purchase.

The seller claims the car was owned by the seller’s uncle, but it has been garaged for almost the entire time. It does not have any accidents or damage and was never driven by a professional.

The engine is in good shape, but it has been through some rough patches. While it is not running very well lately, the car still has a clean Georgia title. And, of course, it has an MPI and was set up for a standalone ECU.

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The seller says the car is in good condition overall. It is still a good deal for the money. If you’re looking to buy a used car, a ‘clean’ one is the best.

A clean title is always a good sign that the car is in good condition. However, it’s important to note that the seller’s uncle has been a long-time owner of the vehicle.

The seller claims the car was owned by the seller’s uncle, but he removed the Magna MPI intake from the car. Its owner says the car was garaged and maintained by the seller’s uncle.

Despite its rough state, the conquest is functional and drives well. The BFGoodrich tires are in excellent condition. During the auction, the sellers also show the condition of the interior.

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