Enclosed Car Trailers For Sale Craigslist

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Enclosed Car Trailers For Sale on Craigslist, foodtruckcost.com | If you are looking to buy an enclosed car trailer, you may want to consider searching Craigslist. Many people use the classified ads to find great deals, but some of the ads can be scams.

Be careful when buying or selling on Craigslist and never pay more than you have to. Beware of scammers who are out to steal your personal information. Listed below are some of the red flags to look out for when buying or selling an enclosed car trailer.

Enclosed Car Trailers For Sale Craigslist

Enclosed Car Trailers For Sale Craigslist

  • 8.5′ X 20′ Car Carrier Enclosed Trailer – $11,719 (Marysville)
  • 2022 Wells Cargo 8.5′ x 24′ FastTrac Deluxe Car / Racing Trailer – $15,640 (Tacoma, WA)
  • Featherlite Snowmobile Trailer (Enclosed) – $12,000 (Woodinville)
  • 6′ X 12′ Enclosed Cargo Trailer – $5,589 (Marysville)
  • 5′ X 8′ Enclosed Cargo Trailer – $4,019 (Marysville)


Craigslist has hundreds of ads for used car trailers, and many of them are enclosed. This makes them safe and easily accessible, and is a great option for anyone who needs a trailer that can carry their vehicles.

Generally, you can get a seven-foot by twelve-foot trailer for a low price. The space inside is plenty. A seven-foot-wide trailer is also a good choice for long trips.

The Most Useful Enclosed Car Trailer Money Can Buy Under $20k!

Another great option is to purchase an enclosed trailer for sale by owner on Craigslist. These types of vehicles are very popular and are easy to purchase.

They are usually inexpensive and easy to transport. Whether you are moving or just need some extra cash, these trailers are convenient and durable. A 7-foot trailer is spacious enough to carry an entire car or multiple vehicles, so you can easily fit a few in.

Craigslist Car Trailers For Sale by Owner

Enclosed Car Trailers For Sale Craigslist

  • CAR TRAILER 20×8 DUEL AXEL – $2,900 (Bonsall)
  • 2007 Aztex 16’ car trailer – $2,900 (Escondido)


In addition to buying an enclosed trailer through Craigslist, you can also look for used car trailers for sale on eBay.

While the prices on these sites are often lower, they are often a good option if you are in need of a quick loan.

Using these classified ads is fast, easy, and affordable. If you need cash now, an enclosed car trailer for sale on Craigslist may be the right choice for you.

Used Car Trailers for Sale Craigslist

Enclosed Car Trailers For Sale Craigslist

  • 31.6 Foot Heavy Duty 5 Wheel Frame / FOR Mini Home / Car Hauler – $4,000 (Port Orchard)
  • MAXXD Flatbed Car Hauler Trailer Equipment – $12,500 (Tacoma)
  • 2020 ABU Full Tilt Trailer – $15,500 (Woodinville)
  • DeckOver Flatbed Trailers for sale – LOTS OF THEM! – $8,999 (Trailer Boss – Olympia)
  • 2021 Summit hauling trailer – $6,000


It is important to consider what type of trailer you need. For instance, a 7×12 enclosed car trailer on Craigslist is ideal if you need to carry large amounts of supplies.

An enclosed car trailer with ample storage space is also a good investment. Whether you are looking for a vehicle for your business or for personal use, an enclosed car trailer will provide the ultimate convenience.

Used Enclosed Trailers by Owner

Enclosed Car Trailers For Sale Craigslist

  • 8.5×18.5 Homesteader Enclosed Trailer – $6,000 (Whiteford)
  • 14’ Wells Cargo Enclosed Trailer – $6,500 (Rosedale)


Enclosed car trailers for sale on Craigslist are easy to find. These trailers are used and often have a lot of benefits. They are a valuable asset and are a great way to transport cars.

If you are looking for an enclosed car trailer for rent, you might want to try looking on Craigslist to find an affordable unit. It is a fast, convenient, and cheap option to buy an enclosed car trailer.

Although Craigslist isn’t the best place to find an enclosed car trailer for sale, it can be a great place to find a cheap one. A 7×12 trailer is a perfect size for many vehicles.

They are also inexpensive and easy to store. If you are looking for a used trailer, try looking for the size that you need for your needs. The smaller the better, so you can avoid having to wait too long to decide on a price.

While it can be difficult to find an enclosed car trailer for sale on Craigslist, it can be very fast to purchase a used one.

Craigslist Cargo Trailers For Sale by Owner

These trailers can be found at cheap prices and can be a great option for traveling. When you buy a used enclosed car trailer for travel, you can be sure that it is safe and reliable. In this way, you can be sure that it is the right trailer for your needs.

Buying an enclosed car trailer from Craigslist is a great way to save money and time. These trailers are incredibly convenient and can be attached to your vehicle.

Used Cargo Trailers For Sale Near Me Craigslist

They are durable and safe, and they are often sold for a very low price. Some people even prefer to sell their old trailers on Craigslist because they need the cash fast. These ads are common and can be found almost anywhere.

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