Jeep Dual Top Group – what is? & For Sale

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Jeep Dual Top Group, | A Jeep dual top group can eliminate the vinyl soft top from your vehicle, making it easier to handle and store.

Jeep Dual Top Group

The new three-piece modular hardtop can be folded flat and stored inside the car. With the addition of this feature, you no longer have to worry about two separate front panels.

Red Jeep Tan Tops – Premium Tan Soft Top Available

The two-piece hardtop will still be able to provide protection from the elements, but it will be a much cleaner and simpler installation process. Besides, the dual-top group can save you money on insurance, too.

Jeep Dual Top Group

Jeep Dual Top Group

With the Jeep dual top group, you can choose between a soft or hard top. Originally, a soft top fitted under the hardtop. But nowadays, the soft roof is packed separately.

The hard and the soft top are not interchangeable. But you can enjoy both types of protection by installing a dual-top group.

The hard-top mounting components are compatible with those of the soft-top. If you want to have a soft-top on your Wrangler, it’s worth a try.

Top Group (Hard Top & Soft Top)

A Jeep dual-top group will cost you around $2,350 for a two-door Wrangler and $3,995 for a four-door Wrangler. This group will also give you a painted hard top.

If you want to convert your soft top to a hard-top, you can replace the hard-top mounting components with those for the soft-top. The two-piece hard-top mounts are not interchangeable, but you’ll get the look you’ve always wanted.

Jeep Dual Top Group

The Jeep dual-top group will eliminate the soft top from your Jeep Wrangler and install a 3 piece hard-top. The soft top can be replaced with a soft-top after the hard-top is installed.

While the two-piece hard-top will cost you more than the dual-top group, the hard-top will protect your Jeep from sun damage, so it’s recommended to use one type of top at a time.

Jeep Dual Top Group

The dual-top group is a great way to increase the comfort level of your Jeep Wrangler. The two-piece soft top can be installed separately from the hard-top and is available separately from the Jeep factory.

The hard-top mounting components are interchangeable. You can choose between soft-top and hard-top configurations for your Wrangler.

It will depend on your needs. The two-piece top will be easier to install, while the soft-top can be installed after the first one.

Jeep Wrangler Dual Top For Sale

2021 Wrangler Sport $36,998

2020 Wrangler Rubicon $48,998

2017 Wrangler Sport $30,998

2018 Wrangler Sport $29,998

Some dual-top Jeeps are available with both hard- and soft-top options. The soft-top version of the dual-top Jeep will come with the same features as the hard-top version.

The soft-top version will be slightly cheaper than the original one, and you can easily install it yourself.

If you want a hard-top, you should choose a model that has a removable roof. It will also protect your interior from the elements of the dual-top group.

Jeep Dual Top Group

When you choose a dual-top Jeep, you can add a hard-top to your vehicle. Previously, the soft-top was installed under the hard-top. Now, the soft-top is sold separately.

The hard-top is not interchangeable with the soft-top, so you’ll need to replace them if you want to install a soft-top. Aside from that, there are also several other benefits to buying a jeep with a hard-top.

Jeep Dual Top Group

In addition to adding a hard-top, you can also add a soft-top in the Jeep Wrangler. Both of these types are available for a price of $2,350 for a two-door Wrangler and $3,955 for a four-door model.

However, you should remember that a dual-top will only serve as the main top when both are installed at the same time.

Some dual-top jeeps come with a hard-top and a soft-top. It used to be that the soft-top was installed under the hard-top. Today, the soft-top is sold separately.

A dual-top jeep can have a hard-top and a softtop. A jeep can have both a “soft-top” or a “hard-top and soft-top combination.

A Jeep dual-top is a convertible that features a hard-top and soft-top options. Depending on the model, a soft-top will be cheaper than a hard-top. The soft-top will be easier to remove, and it may require two people.

After you’ve removed the soft-top, you can then install the hard-top. The dual-tops are not only functional, but they can also make a Jeep more attractive.

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