Jeep TJ Frame Recall-Extreme Frame Rust – Can it be Saved?

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Jeep TJ Frame Recall, | The Jeep TJ frame recall is an attempt to prevent water from collecting and corroding a critical component in the vehicle. This problem is not limited to older models. Owners of early-production Wranglers are also affected.

Jeep TJ Frame Recall

The track bar connecting the front axle to the body can develop poor welds. This problem can affect steering. While this recall does not affect the 2020 Wrangler, it is a significant issue.

The rust damage caused by the corrosive gaskets in the Jeep TJ frame can pose a serious safety issue. While there has never been a formal recall, the manufacturer plans to inspect all 18,000+ vehicles in the country to find a fix.

In the meantime, owners should check their frame for a build date code. If it is higher than 126, the dealer should give them a loaner vehicle.

Jeep TJ Frame Recall – As a Result, a Rust Recall Has Been Announced For All Jeep TJs

Jeep TJ Frame Recall

As a result, a rust recall has been announced for all Jeep TJs. While it’s unlikely that a specific model will be affected, the entire submarket may be impacted.

The Jeep TJ frame is known to be vulnerable to rust damage. Despite this, there have been no previous recalls for the model, and many independent companies are now manufacturing repair kits for the issue.

A Jeep TJ owner posted on Facebook that his dealership was informing him to bring his car in for a checkup.

Jeep TJ Frame Recall

He was advised to check the frame’s build date code to determine if it was affected by the problem. If it is greater than 126, the dealer should give the owner a loaner car while he’s waiting for their vehicle to be repaired. There have been no recalls for the JL, but this recall is a significant concern for the entire submarket.

Although the Jeep TJ frame recall does not affect all models, it is still significant. While this recall has been ongoing for several years, the problem with the Jeep TJ frame is still very serious, and Fiat Chrysler plans to inspect all of its vehicles.

As a result, it will repair at least 720 vehicles. Those affected are not all affected by the rust recall, but the number of cars with bad welds will be. The company also intends to offer affected owners a loaner car.

Extreme Frame Rust – Can it be Saved?

Fortunately, the Jeep TJ frame recall isn’t limited to the Jeep Wrangler. It affects the entire submarket. It affects more than just the TJ, but other vehicles as well.

If your vehicle has a TJ frame recall, it is best to take it in for a checkup. Your dealership should also be able to provide you with a loaner vehicle if necessary.

The Jeep TJ frame rot can affect the safety of your vehicle. This recall is applicable to all TJ vehicles and other vehicles with the same problem.

Jeep TJ Frame Recall

As the TJ frame has suffered from rust for decades, a rust recall is the only way to fix this problem. As such, you should contact a reputable repair company if you suspect that your vehicle is affected. You should contact the company if you notice any issues with your car.

The Jeep TJ frame recall was first announced in 2003. While this recalled model is not a part of the entire Jeep lineup, it is significant for the submarket as a whole.

The rust issue can result in serious injury and damage, so it’s important to take action quickly and properly.

Jeep TJ Frame Recall

However, a rusty Jeep frame can also cause safety issues. Therefore, if you have a Jeep TJ, you should consider purchasing a new one.

Another issue affecting the Jeep TJ frame is rust. This problem affects a total of 18,000+ vehicles. The Jeep TJ is a popular submarket among the American public.

The frame rot recall can lead to a serious safety issue. If your car is prone to rust, you should contact a local dealership immediately and take your vehicle in for service. If your vehicle has a rusty frame, it’s best to replace it as soon as possible.

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