Old Fire Trucks For Sale Craigslist

Old Fire Trucks For Sale Craigslist – Antique Fire Trucks

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How to Find Old Fire Trucks for Sale on Craigslist, foodtruckcost.com | The internet is a great place to find used fire trucks. You can find a fire truck for sale on a site like Mascus USA, and you can reach a worldwide audience by posting your used vehicle for sale.

Old Fire Trucks For Sale Craigslist

The website also offers buyers hundreds of different models of fire trucks, so there’s no reason not to list your old fire truck on this site. Here are some tips to keep in mind before buying one for your fleet.

Old Trucks for Sale Craigslist Florida

Don’t miss out on a chance to own one of these beautiful vintage vehicles. Wildfires in California in August 2020 were fueled by dry lightning and left over one million acres in the state devastated.

These fires had depleted the state’s fire services, and concerned residents began searching for ways to protect their homes. The good news is that you can now buy an old fire truck from Craigslist.

Old Fire Trucks For Sale Craigslist

Old Fire Trucks For Sale Craigslist

1981 Spartan Fire Truck – $6,250 (Eugene)

1993 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser Fire Truck Diesel, 5-speed manual, JDM! – $29,900 (Portland)

1994 Fire Truck – $14,500 (Salem)

2000 Pierce 100′ Aerial Platform Fire Truck – $50,000 (Camas)

Don’t miss this 1965 Ford F600 Fire Truck Resored Pickup! – $29,750 (Desert Private Collection (760) 313-6607)

Fire truck – $33,500 (Klamath falls)

2001 Fire Truck – $18,500 (Prineville)


Don’t let a price tag fool you. An old fire truck is worth more than its sticker price. Whether you’re looking to buy a fire truck to protect your home or start a new company, there’s a fire truck for sale online.

Just make sure to do your research and check out the condition of the truck before you buy it. There are many sites where you can find used fire trucks for sale. You can find them anywhere from local salvage yards to Craigslist.

Old Fire Trucks Parade Lights & Sirens – C-Kent FireFest 2019 + C-Kent EMS 1129

In addition to Craigslist, you can also find imported fire trucks. Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus, a Sacramento-based company, is selling a variety of used fire trucks through Craigslist.

In Pacifica, a 2013 Peterbilt water truck with 2,500 gallons of water, meets the strictest Cal Fire specs, and is listed for $69,000.

You can also find old fire trucks for sale craiglist. A classic red 1949 Dodge fire truck can be your next project. A 1947 Chevy is a great option for a new project, but be sure to check out the vintage trucks for sale.

Old Fire Trucks For Sale Craigslist

You may even be able to find a restored 1950s Ford-era truck. And if you have a budget, you can always buy a 1953 Cadillac for less than $20.

The type 6 fire truck from California is a very popular option for firefighters. It has a Hale pump, 200 feet of hard-line hose, and a nozzle. It was used as a reserve unit for the California fire department.

Old Fire Trucks For Sale Craigslist

It is currently listed on Craigslist for $7,500. It has two spot lights on the driver’s side for added safety. The car is also available on eBay.

Some of these used fire trucks for sale on Craigslist are imported from Japan. A California company, Vans From Japan, is selling these trucks on Craigslist.

This company imports Japanese fire trucks and sells them on Craigslist. A 2013 Peterbilt water truck from the same company is listed for $69,000 in Pacifica, California. A similar model, for sale for just $69,000, would be a great option for a California city.

Old Fire Trucks For Sale Craigslist

The auctions on Craigslist include two older fire trucks. A 1918 Seagrave fire pumper was the pride of the Batavia Fire Department.

The 1955 1/2 Chevrolet 3800 panel truck was assigned to the Emergency Services and Disaster Agency for 25 years.

An old Batavia firefighter is interested in buying the truck, but it needs to be purchased before the city council declares it surplus property.

A 1992 Peterbilt fire truck has two spot lights on the side and ladder racking in the bed. It is sold for just $17,000 on Craigslist.

A 1993 Toyota Hilux fire truck is offered for $70,000 on Vans From Japan. Listed at the auction site, it is a 1995 Toyota Hilux fire truck with a cab that meets Cal Fire specifications. There are also many other used fire trucks for sale on Craigslist.

Several antique fire trucks for sale on Craigslist can be found on eBay. The seller will probably ask for a reasonable price, and you should be able to inspect the vehicle before making a decision.

However, it’s always better to pay more than you can afford to lose. The old fire trucks for sale on eBay are also a great deal. You can also find one in your local area.

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