Craigslist Used Water Tank Trucks For Sale by Owner

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Benefits of Buying Used Water Tank Trucks, | Used Water Tank Trucks are a good investment for water companies and municipalities.

Despite their bulky appearance, they are also quite affordable. Buying a used truck is an ideal option for people with a budget. There are thousands of auctions and classified ads on the Internet.

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You should choose a reputable dealer or check the Better Business Bureau website before making a final purchase. There are several benefits to purchasing a used water tank truck.

Used Water Tank Trucks

Used Water Tank Trucks

The size of the water tank determines the size of the water truck. Most tanks range from 500 gallons to 5,000 gallons.

Make sure you select a truck that has the right capacity for the type of work you’ll be doing. Always make sure you check the weight and size limitations of the water tank truck before purchasing. In addition, make sure the entrance is big enough for the water tank truck to operate safely.

How to sell a used water tanker truck

Size is another important consideration when choosing a water truck. If you are looking to use the truck for irrigation, then you should look for a truck that fits the area you need to service.

Some water trucks have a larger tank than others, and that might be the reason why they are more expensive. However, if you’re looking for a smaller truck, you should consider a used truck that’s a great size for your needs.

Buying a used truck also ensures that it’s in good condition. Unlike buying a new one, a used water truck has been inspected thoroughly.

Craigslist Used Water Tank Trucks For Sale

Used Water Tank Trucks

  • 1978 Ford CL9000 4000 gallon water truck – $9,950 (Perris)
  • 2000 gal water truck tank system complete – $2,500 (Delzura)
  • 2014 KW Water Truck, Dump, RollOff – $45,000 (Fontana)
  • Water truck 2014 – $78,000 (Winchester)
  • Water truck for sale – $7,500 (Hesperia)
  • International water truck – $15,000 (Murrieta)
  • 2006 FORD F-750 WATER TRUCK – $32,500
  • 1989 Ford L9000 Water Truck – $32,500 (Alta Loma)
  • 2007 Ford F750 Water Truck Cummins with VERY LOW MILES – $36,000 (Yucaipa)
  • 1972 Chevy water truck – $5,000 (Newhall)
  • Water Truck – $4,000
  • C7500 Water Truck – $31,000 (Bakersfield)
  • 2015 Freightliner 2k Water Truck for sale – $69,463 (chula vista)
  • Water truck 2013 – $65,000 (Just built)
  • Peterbilt water truck – $75,000 (Just built)

If it doesn’t run, it will require a lot of maintenance. Nonetheless, if you take the time to do so, you’ll be rewarded with a reliable, low-cost water tank truck.

Used 4000 Gallon Water Tank For Sale

Used Water Tank Trucks


A used water truck has a variety of advantages. It is easy to store and transport water. It is highly portable and can reach a distance of up to four kilometers. Its high-quality design makes it a perfect tool for irrigation.

Regardless of the size of your business, water tank trucks are a great investment for your business. These trucks are also extremely durable. You will be glad you did.

Buying a used water tank truck can be a wise investment. However, a used truck can be expensive. A new one will be much more expensive than a used one.

A used water tank truck must be checked for damage and to ensure that it is in good condition. In addition, it must be well maintained and have all of its parts functioning properly. For this reason, it is essential to pay attention to the specifications of the vehicle.

A water tank truck can store and transport water for various industries. During a drought, it can reduce the dust on a job site. It can also improve the quality of soil and water.

During a flood, it can save the lives of many people. And the water truck can help the environment too. It can be used as a way to store and transport recycled water. You can even use the same tank in emergency situations.

Used Water Tank Trucks

A water tank truck can be a great investment. These trucks have many applications and can help a company save money on emergency water projects.

These trucks are also very durable and are designed for long distance road travel. A used Cat(r) water tank truck can provide the strength and value you need for your water truck.

Used Water Tank Trucks

They are great for storing water and are available in different sizes. There are several types of trucks available on the market.

If you plan on using a water tank truck for emergency situations, it’s important to choose the right size. The size of a water tank truck will depend on the amount of water that you need to carry.

Some trucks can hold up to 5,000 gallons of liquid. A water tank truck must be within weight limits on public roads and the size of the entrance it needs to open and close.

Used Water Tank Trucks

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