VW Rabbit Pickup For Sale

VW Rabbit Pickup For Sale by Owner

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VW Rabbit Pickup For Sale, foodtruckcost.com | Volkswagen’s Rabbit Pickup is a classic, retro pickup truck that was introduced in 1981. It was the first pick-up to use a 1.9-liter AAZ engine.

VW Rabbit Pickup For Sale

It’s currently running on natural gas, but can be swapped for a turbocharged version. This vehicle is in great shape, and is perfect for the retro truck enthusiast.

It also comes with the topper, and its front end is cut off from the rusty rabbit. It has a great drivetrain, a five-speed transmission, and a clean interior.

VW Rabbit Pickup For Sale

VW Rabbit Pickup For Sale


While the Volkswagen Rabbit pickup did not see much success in the US, the popularity of the model remained strong in many countries. In South Africa, the model merged with the Caddy, which is a commercial van today.

Although its build quality was questionable, the car’s appeal was still widespread, and Volkswagen continued to sell it in Africa until 2007. The Rabbit Pickup was an excellent choice for commercial vehicles, and even in the early 1980s, people are still selling them on eBay.

These cars can be fixed up with parts from other VW models. You can swap out the faulty engine motor with a stronger, modern one, and have an even better pick-up.

VW Rabbit Pickup For Sale

Volkswagen’s Rabbit Pickup made its debut in 1982, and it quickly became one of the hottest pick-ups in the US.

Its modest payload capacity of 1,100 pounds and an improved fuel tank all helped to attract buyers. However, the car was never able to stay competitive and fell out of favor quickly.

Though it was popular at launch, the Rabbit Pickup failed to catch on, and its sales dropped to a mere 2,072 units in 1982.

1981 VW Volkswagen For Sale

The first Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup was launched in 1981 and sold for $7500. Despite its name, the build quality is questioned, but it is one of the most affordable pick-ups on the market.

The original Volkswagen Rabbit pickup was made in Westmoreland, PA. A conversion to a pickup vehicle made it more like a project BMW 2002 than an actual truck. If you can afford to spend some money, it will be a great investment.

The Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup was a compact vehicle that was released in 1980. It was designed to be economical and easy to maintain.

The Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup had a gasoline engine that put out 78hp at 5,500rpm and 88.2 pound-feet of torque.

While it wasn’t a conventional pickup truck, the small car still had many admirers. Its unique features were a good compromise between a truck and a car.

The Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup was very popular during its heyday in the early 1980s. It had a decent payload capacity of 1,100 pounds.

The Volkswagen Caddy was a commercial van that continues to exist today. While the popularity of the Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup has diminished in the United States, it continues to be popular in Africa.

The early 80s version of the Rabbit Pickup was very popular in South Africa. It sold for as little as $1,000, but today you can find some really nice examples online for $15,000. The VW Caddy is still a great commercial vehicle.

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There are many reasons to buy a Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup. This small pickup is the perfect vehicle for anyone who needs a pickup truck.

It’s the perfect vehicle for people who want a dependable vehicle and are looking for a way to save money.

The Volkswagen Rabbit is a very desirable classic. It’s a pickup truck that’s suited to any situation. It’s also a great family car.

VW Rabbit Pickup For Sale

Volkswagen continued production of the Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup in Europe until 1992. The model was discontinued in South Africa but continued as a commercial vehicle until the mid-90s.

Despite its small size, the VW Rabbit Pickup was popular in the U.S. but it had an impressive payload capacity of 1,100 pounds. In the United States, it’s called the VW Caddy. Its popularity is strong there, too.

In Europe, the Volkswagen Rabbit pickup was a popular vehicle until it was replaced by the Volkswagen Caddy compact utility van in 1992. It was designed to be a good everyday vehicle and was made to serve a number of purposes.

Regardless of where you live, a VW Rabbit pickup is an affordable option for many individuals. Unlike most cars, the Rabbit has a history that goes back to its roots. The name of this classic truck is “Redneck” — meaning it’s a German car, but not a Porsche.

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